A few small shop changes…

I am really enjoying this, my first weekday back at the shop! Lovisa is settling in very nicely at nursery. Of course I miss her (and her big sister), but it is rather nice to be back at the shop and to be Charlotte as well as mamma. Be surrounded by lovely, colourful and stunning designs, having a chat with a customer, and Spring is in the air…

There has been a few changes at the shop, unfortunately Emma and Åsa has now left us for new adventures. However I am sure they will cover now and then just like Joanne who is also working full-time else where but just can’t let go of us (makes me very happy though).

Zuzanna who have been with us for a year now has taken on Emma’s Saturdays and a couple of weekdays, and when she is not at the shop she is busy illustrating her own designs. Check out her amazing designs at her Etsy shop.

Alix, our very busy photographer is covering one day a week. Brows through her website, she is so talented and I really love her photos. We are very grateful for her fun and creative photos with shop designs.

And then it is me, I am in the shop Sunday’s and two days a week. And when I am not here I am just running around after two wild but happy girls and trying to get our webshop up and running! Hopefully Spring will give me a little more energy and inspiration, but for now I am just very happy to be back at the shop because I love it:)

Charlotte x

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