Let me introduce you to…

New brands, new designs and new products!

I am so excited, last year I was in touch with a lovely brand called I LOVE DESIGN who does stunning prints and since she is Swedish as well she does some strong Swedish designs prints I personally love to have on the walls in my own home. However sadly this never got any further than to my “new brand” list (which is way too long).

Last Autumn I got in touch with a Swedish Agency Citronelles Agenturer in Stockholm regarding other beautiful designs. Then suddenly these two teamed up and voilà stunning products was created and to my happiness I could order these in for Spektakulär.  

Now finally a small delivery arrived with beautiful trays by I LOVE DESIGN. Happy, stylish, simple and very very Swedish. If you know me you also know that I love a good cup of coffee and of course a bit of cake to go with it. In Sweden we have a word for it: FIKA. One of Stina’s first Swedish words she understood the meaning of was FIKA. It is what we Swedes do, we meet up for a fika. We do see the coffee trend hitting the UK, I have noticed it more since I moved to Scotland, in London it was all about going for a pint. Maybe it is actually an age thing (please do NOT rub it in). I love saying that word, FIKA, lets meet up for a fika rather than lets meet up for coffee or a drink.  And guess what just arrived in to the shop: FIKA trays! These beautiful trays are made in Sweden by the well establish company Åry Trays. At the moment we stock the small size tray 20×27 cm in dark grey, turquoise and pink. It is a handy size and a lovely gift. 

Fika Trays (20x27 cm)
Fika Trays (20×27 cm)

Citronelles is also the agency for Emelie Ek, a Swedish designer who is extremely talented and make the most beautiful designs and patterns. We have stocked her tea towels before, My Stockholm and My Skåne then in collaboration with Klippan. Last year I saw Emelie’s stunning Christmas trays and fell in love. Sadly I was not quick enough since they sold out in Sweden so fast. This year, yes I shall get a move on and order in early! But for now, lets just enjoy her Summer Strawberry design, we are very pleased to stock the large round tray. Strawberry Tray

Since I am from Gothenburg (well just outside) I love her Göteborg designs and am happy to stock her small tray in blues as well as the Stockholm tray in red. Love love her Houses of Sweden and Houses by the Sea collections. It just remind me so much of Sweden, Emelie has really nailed these designs. These products are beautiful gifts for anyone who love a great design with a quality finish. 

Beautiful Goteborg Tray in stock
Beautiful Goteborg Tray in stock


Houses by the Sea range
Houses by the Sea range
Houses of Sweden Tray
Houses of Sweden Tray
house of sweden small
Houses of Sweden (20×27 cm)

As a shop owner it is always like Christmas receiving new deliveries and new brands! You get kind of used to the same product agaib and again, and sadly you do get quite picky with your private taste. But I must admit, this delivery was pure happiness! Maybe I am a bit homesick after all :) I am looking forward to introduce more products, colour and sizes in the FIKA range as well as other stunning products by Emelie Ek. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 

All images by Citronelles Agenturer AB 

Charlotte x 

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