Yes finally! We are delighted to introduce more Moomins to the shop and this time from a new brand (to us) Finnish Muurla! A great company who has created the lovely enamel products with Moomins. Richard and I saw these in London in January and I have seen them a few times here and there and we really love them so thought it is time to bring in the Moomins!  So we finally filled the middle table in the shop with Moomins and more is on its way…hooray! 

It’s a big year for the Moomins, the centenary of Tove Jansson‘s birth and Moomins are back in fashion, there is no doubt about it. To see the trend here and how Moomin crazy some people are is amazing! Must admit I am glad I have some of Tove Jansson‘s books in the shop so I can freshen up my knowledge, since it was a long time ago I read any Moomin stories and I am also looking forward to read them with my girls. I watched the TV series when I grew up (in Swedish of course). That slow Finnish/Swedish narrator voice and the lovely adventures. But I also remember it as quite scary and dark. Still loved it though!

In the shop you can already find the Moomin Mobiles by Danish Flensted, Moomin blankets by Swedish Klippan, Moomin Trays by Swedish OptoDesign, Moomin Jewellery trees by Swedish Pluto Produkter as well as bookmarks, hangers and decorations. And of course we stock Tove Jansson’s lovely tales about the Moomins. There have been some beautiful reprints of the original books recently, as well as great collections of the comic strips in hardback.

And if you haven’t already heard, there is that a film due to be realised in October.  And if you have not heard about the Moomin World…. Richard and I have already agreed that one summer in near future when the girls are a little bit older we will do a little holiday trip there, can’t wait.

Happy Summer and pop in and find your favourite Moomin troll. 

Charlotte x 

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