God Jul – Happy Christmas

God Jul!

Today is our special day and our little family will celebrate Christmas a la Swedish style with traditional Ham, Janssons Temptation, Herring, meatballs, prince sausages, special bread and more…right this is what I will eat! The rest of the family might touch some sausages and meatballs. I am sure they will be fine, they have their turkey dinner tomorrow (not for me) so I am sure we will be stuffed for days! We will open our gifts tonight and no I will not watch the traditional Donald Duck, got lots of Swedish games and DVDs for Christmas from family so I am sure we will be just fine.

We like to wish all of you our lovely customers a lovely Christmas and have a fantastic time with your loved ones.

The shop will be closed until Monday 29th. Ruth and Zuzanna will be here next week. Shop will also be closed New Years Day, 2nd January and reopening the 3rd again. I am not back in until Tuesday the 6th January since someone needs to stay home with my super excited (over the top excited…) girls.

I am in the shop just now but Emma will come in soon and close the shop today around 4 or 5ish (when no one is knocking on the door anymore).

Thank you all for your support to our tiny Scandinavian shop this winter, you all are wonderful and we do love the chats, lovely comment and happiness you bring with you when you visit us. Remember to enjoy Christmas, lets take it easy and enjoy family and friends time! I have just seen pictures from my home village and yes it is snowing, so they will get a white Christmas (no not jealous at all)!

Love Charlotte, Richard, Stina & Lovisa xxx

pappelina xmas

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