Gott Nytt År – Happy New Year

We wish you all a fantastic 2015


Now is the time for me to reflect on 2014, but somehow I am not sure I am completely done yet, you know sitting down thinking it through properly, will I ever?

But what I do know is that Spektakulär has had a amazing year, we sadly sad good bye to some brilliant staff but we also welcomed in Ruth to join and we sure love having her in the shop. So Zuzanna, Ruth and myself, well it looks like we will be the ones that will look after you in 2015 as well! We have seen so many new and returning customers in the shop and we love it. I personally love the chat, happy comments and how friendly you all are. Owning a small independent shop sure give you so much back, and no I am not talking about money, if I did I am not sure we would still be around. I love being amongst the designs and products in the shop, I love going home and explore my favourite shops in Sweden. Meeting my suppliers and explore new designs. I enjoy the chats with other shop owners and we all work together, give ideas and tips, both here in the UK and in Sweden. But most of all I enjoy being in the shop, you our customers do brighten up our days with your sweet comments. And that our shop is a bit different, well that means we got it right. I do try my best to find new and exciting designs. We do enjoy colour and also good functional designs that brings a smile to your face.

2015 we welcome you and hope you bring happiness and joy to all of us. Let’s make it our year! Our plans for Spektakular is that we will give the shop a little love in January, paint and a proper clean. We will sort out or gift vouchers, it is not that hard just on our to do list which never seem to get any shorter. The webshop, yes that is my project and I will get going in January as soon as we have packed away Christmas, done a little stock take and then I just need to get in to the mood. Any new designs? Oh yes! Of course! I have a long list and we will introduce quite a few new brands to the shop this Spring.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and thank you for your support, supporting local shops this year has been big and we can tell. Please keep supporting your local butchers, book shops, coffee shops and small independent gift shops just like ours. Thank you and we all hope to see you in 2015.

Gott Nytt År

Charlotte x

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