Happy Small Business Saturday

Oh I look out and I do not feel like going outside at all today. Rather stay in and bake Swedish Christmas sweeties with the girls instead.

However it is an amazing day today and I do know the shop will be super busy and you know what, I LOVE IT! When the shop is so busy we can not move, we are so happy to have you all in and we are doing our best to make sure you all get the best service (so obviously we apologise for not gift wrapping during busy spells and things selling out in front of your nose).

Small business Saturday was launched by AMEX a couple years back. Make sure you register your AMEX card to get your reward. By using your card in a small shop you support your local shops and get something back…win win!

So I better get myself ready to head across the city this lovely windy day (don’t think I need to do my make-up until I get to the shop). Anna and I will be looking after you today so please do pop in and say hi and get some Scandi goodies for your loved ones this Christmas.

Happy small business Saturday to you all! Thank you for your love for our shop, we would not be here without you!!!

Charlotte x


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