We wish you all a Happy Christmas!

Wow this year I am very much behind in my Christmas blogging. I got recipes I like to share with you and we have so many new and exciting brands in the shop. As well as Christmas goodies! And guess what? Hardly a star or tomte left.

I think I just need a few days in the sofa and try to gather my thoughts together and start catch up on some blogging.

But for now we would like to say THANK YOU for support us and shop local! We are overwhelmed by your love for the shop and obviously delighted.

Now I am at the shop until 14.00ish then our lovely Emma will come and close the shop for us. So the shop will be open until 17.00 ish.

Richard, Stina and Lovisa will all come and collect me and we are heading home for a Swedish Christmas with ham, special bread, herring, Jansons, meatballs and lots more for our little Swedish dinner, probably be just me eating it…but hey I can stuff myself on that and they can do their Turkey dinner tomorrow (not my favourite so that is all good).


Have a fantastic Christmas!

Charlotte x

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