Middle of January

How did that happen? And I just noticed I have not blogged anything since Christmas…oh dear!

Well I got lots of news, well maybe not news but the latest! First of all I like to say a massive thank you to all of you who supported us this (well 2015) Christmas. You are amazing and we are ever so grateful for your support to your local shops and of course to us!

After Christmas I just took a little break and it took me some time to recover. I must admit I have struggled this Autumn. After our first P1 child we changed my rota around and I am now working four half days (and every Saturday at the shop), then rush to nursery and the off to school pick up. It is great to be able to collect my five year old every day. But for some reason I feel like I never finish a project. So much paperwork and emails I am supposed to deal with and that horrible feeling that you can not keep up is quite hard to deal with. Feel that my organising skills should come handy but they seem to have left me at the over this Christmas. Anyway after Christmas we just took some time off and relaxed and spent a few days with grandparents in Aberdeen.

Now we are back to some sort of routine life again. Little girl did her last day at tweenies room yesterday at her nursery and is now moving in to big room. A bit more emotional than I thought. She is not so little anymore… oh the joy of parenthood!

Shop wise, well there is a little Christmas Clearance Sale taking place, will last until end of January, a great opportunity to sneak in a few Scandi goodies before next Christmas (I know but some people already started their shopping). Richard and I went to Top Drawer in London for two days and met some of our amazing UK suppliers and agents and saw lots of fantastic and stunning Spring collections as well as some new brands we would love to introduce to the shop.



Yesterday Zuzanna managed to clear the middle table in the shop and it is now gone…oh the SPACE!!! And we also put down the most amazing Pappelina display rug. It is one of their biggest size and now you can see it at the shop and walk on it and get an proper idea how fantastic these rugs are. I have got the new Spring 2016 catalogue and I am looking forward to start place my orders for this Spring. You will see lots of joyful designs from Sagaform, Broste Copenhagen, Pappelina, Linum, Spira, Aveva, Bosign, Muurla, Mirins plus lots more as well as new brands. But first we shall enjoy the dreadful stock take and make sure the shop is nice and tidy before new stock start arrives.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, do pop in to the shop and grab a bargain in the sales.

Charlotte x

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