Guest Blogger Ruth


Oh suddenly it is February, and yes I am so happy that dreadful January is over, not my favourite month to be honest. I am tired (yet grateful) after the Christmas rush and it is dark and just yuck outside. When people go dry January and healthy signing up for gym I become best friend with the sofa and Netflix and wine and nuts and crisps and sweets and…oh dear!!  It is my month of catching up on thoughts and sleep after Christmas. However sadly my body does not enjoy it,  5 kg (that is a lie, saw it was 7 kg)!!!! later it is not happy with me so nope time to get off that sofa and maybe limit myself to Netflix one (oh come now that is just mean) night a week!

Anyway now I am catching up with paper work and making plans, that to do list need to be dealt with once and for all and sadly one thing that is always on the bottom of the list and neglected is this blog so I have decided to hand it over to lovely Ruth for a couple of months so we can bring it back to life again. Ruth is really reading up about all our fabulous brands, designers and designs at the moment and I am sure you will be delighted to see more posts coming your way!

But before I hand it over I like to say thank you for supporting us during 2017, I will be honest, it was an emotional and a very very challenging year for me personally (pretty rubbish actually) so I am super grateful for all your support and love. I am hoping I will be able to focus more on the shops this year and in August Lovisa will start P1 which means suddenly I have more time (or will I). I can not wait at the same time I do not want her to grow up, she is in such a lovely age (I am clearly lying my socks off, she is one cheeky one that is really testing my patience sometimes), but maybe then I can come back and work on the shop floor and meet you all. I am sadly not in the shops a lot and it is hard to be the face of your own business if you are not there, so I am excited about working more in the shops and for you to see me there more often!

Ruth has worked in the shops since Spring 2014 and she is also a very talented lady running her own business Ellie and the Rubester I am personally delighted to call Ruth not only a member of staff but also a dear friend. She is great fun and I think you will enjoy her posts very much. And now over to you Ruth…

Charlotte xx





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