That’s Me!

Hello you lovely lot, Ruth here! A big thank you to Charlotte for trusting me with the shop blog (bit wreckless if you ask me!) My plan is to share with you all our fantastic designs, bring you hot off the press shop news, keep you up to date with offers, competitions, general gossip and much more.

Quick introduction – as Charlotte mentioned, when not working in the shops I make pictures for people using paper and super sharp scalpels –  brilliant fun! I am a mum to 2 teenage girls who are ridiculously ace/terrifying/baffling in equal measures, have a mini Schnauzer called Boo who is probably my favourite member of the fam and am wife to Mr W who wisely spends all his time down the allotment because he is totally outnumbered at home…

I love working in both Spektakular and Lilla and am very proud to be part of such a great team.  The simple, functional and beautiful Scandinavian designs have totally taken over my home as well as my heart and it is wonderful to know that you our customers share our love – this blog will be a great chance for me to deepen my knowledge and share my enthusiasm.

I hope you will enjoy my time as guest writer, feel free to comment, ask questions and generally hang out with me if you have a minute, I’m really looking forward to spending some time with you all.

Ruth x


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