Wooly Wonders and Cool Cork

Aveva believe that design creates a happier world and here at Spektakulär we have to agree,  so it’s little wonder they are one of our favourite suppliers!

We are delighted that a new order of Aveva happiness arrived to our shops last week. Our biggest seller in recent months has been their gorgeous and tactile felted flower pots, we just haven’t been able to keep up with demand at times! Hand felted and in an array of glorious colours, the pots come in three different sizes and are treated inside with natural rubber to make them water resistant. We also sell the macrame (hanger) so you can suspend them in windows, doorways or from beams if that’s what takes your fancy.

Aveva Flower pot in olive with nature macrame
Wool Flower pot in olive, medium size. Displayed with Macrame in nature. Image AleichiaW
Aveva Design Wool Flower pots
Love the new colour design for A/W 18. Two tone in rust, mustard, olive, grey and aubergine.

Aveva have taken hand felted wool back into the living area while keeping an old tradition alive and are inspired by other materials as long as it is natural and friendly to the environment. Throughout the whole design process their goal is to work locally as much as possible, to produce less packaging, reduce the negative impact on the planet while at the same time supporting craftsmanship in Sweden and around the world.

Another material they love to work with is cork and this delivery is bringing us a new range of simple and stylish cork coasters.  Hexagonal in shape and dipped in 4 different hues of the same colour, greys and greens. We adore these!

Aveva coasters
Aveva Design cork coaster in greens (set of 4). Eva Solo slow coffee brewer and latte mugs. Image: AliechiaW





Hyggebukser Time?

I read this today and it really made me smile. Hyggebukser are that pair of pants you’d never be caught dead wearing in public, but practically live in when you’re at home on the weekends binging on Netflix. 

We have been treated to an amazing summer here in Edinburgh. I’ve lived here for 25 years and at the risk of sounding like my mum, I can’t remember a year like it. I have a tan, we used the garden for more than 7 minutes and I even wore a vest top. In public!!  I know – crazy times!

This week however, we seem to have returned to a more normal Edinburgh climate. The schools are back this week and as if to commiserate with the little munchkins,  the weather has turned from glorious sunshine to hair-wrecking drizzle and mist. Pah! The only thing that cheers me up is the thought of an incoming Autumn and all that holds for us. Here at Spektakulär Gifts and Spektakulär Home, we love nothing more than preparing ourselves for our favourite season (well, mine anyway) and if that means I get to wear my hyggebukser pants for the rest of the year then bring it on!

As you all know by now, Hygge is a Danish concept that cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. Think cups of steaming hot chocolate, slippers and candles but for me nothing welcomes Autumn like a thick blanket and luckily for us all, Charlotte has been shopping! While home over the summer she visited Spira of Sweden and placed an order for some gorgeous new ones from their Autumn/Winter 2018 range. 100% cotton, big and a good weight for snuggling under, they are perfect for the months ahead. In fact, they’d be perfect for today to be honest – if only to hide my Haar Hair under! They have just arrived at our Spektakulär Home shop so pop in and we can put all that pesky hot weather firmly behind us!



Fancy A Cuppa?

Don’t mind if I do – strong enough to skate a mouse on please (something I always say my granny said but I’m pretty sure I made that up!) 

QDO is a quirky range of tea making products, inspired by the orient and designed to bring a little fun to your table. The lovely people at QDO HQ are seriously passionate about tea and totally dedicated to producing products that not only look great, but also infuse like no other. At Spektakular we love their products especially the always popular birdie swing tea infusers but we are also delighted to stock these fabulous mugs.

Celebrating different women of the world – Babushka from Russia, Japanese Kokeshi, Charlotte from France, Freja from Denmark, Mulan from China, Anna from Holland – the Folklore collection of double walled mugs  (to provide effective heat insulation) totally hits the spot when it comes to finding a perfect gift solution for the tea lover in your life. Each mug comes in a gorgeous reuseable fresh tea tin, meaning this quirky collection is really two presents in one! The round, handle-less design is comfy to hold but also means they are perfectly stackable making it a great space-saving option
The only problem is deciding which one to choose…
Images courtesy of QDO

LILLA is growing up…


As we all know there are some changes in the world of retail, we hear daily reports of shop closures and as a retailer it is a worry. Retail can be a tough business to be in sometimes.  We have seen costs rise and a glance along any high street will show this is taking its toll on everyone.

However when we look at our shops we believe we have our best selection ever, great brands and amazing products which we are delighted with.

We opened LILLA a couple of years ago, and we knew we had some popular childrens’ products in SPEKTAKULÄR and wanted to expand the selection and give these fantastic brands the shelf space they deserved. We filled LILLA with fantastic Scandinavian and Nordic designs for the young ones such as the clever PlusPlus, super duper cute Maileg, the ever so fun and funky Rice and of course the Moomins. Our girls love hanging with us in the shop testing all the toys for quality control!

LILLA has had an amazing positive reaction, but ultimately the growth in sales hasn’t been enough to make a sustainable “stand alone” store.  Time to change!

We have taken the decision to fold LILLA back inside the main SPEKTAKULÄR brand and put more focus on the brands for adults.  This doesn’t mean we won’t stock any kids things – just that they will return to being just a part of the overall range.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Due to this we are making some quite big changes to the shops at the moment! So for the next couple of weeks LILLA stock is now displayed in Spektakulär and our LILLA shop is now a 100% SALE SHOP!! There are some absolutely fantastic designs in this SALE  at number 15 Colinton Road and you will not be disappointed!! So please make sure you visit our SALE SHOP to check out all the great bargains :)

After that there will be “DOUBLE SPEKTAKULÄR”!!  Everything you love, but more of it.


Charlotte and Richard xxx








Our happy Lilla shop is about to turn two!


To celebrate we have teamed up the absolutely fabulous Danish happy brand RICE!! A massive pallet with great designs for our birthday arrived. RICE is a wonderfully bright and funky brand. They create designs that makes you smile and they are absolutely fantastic to deal with as a small independent shop. So supportive and cheerful plus super cool designs. What’s not to like?!

Between 16th – 29th April we will celebrate our Birthday with a fantastic 25% off ALL Rice designs plus you 30% off our stylish Ferm Living Baskets, 40% off all Tulipop.  50% of all our soft Ferm Living and Oyoy cushions.  And this is not all, I believe more than half the shop is now a SALE shop!

Tomorrow Saturday 21st we have a face painter joining us between 1-3 pm. There will be goody bags for the young customers! You will find myself and Emma in Lilla and Anna in our big sister shop Spektakulär from 10 am and we are so looking forward seeing you!

Now I do like to say a MASSIVE thank you! I did not know how difficult running two shops would be and it truly has been a challenging couple of years but I am so incredible grateful to you all our dear and super supportive customers who come in for chats and telling us how much you love the shops. Lilla is not an ordinary toy shop and we love the way it looks. It is my happy place full of bright and cheerful designs. We have many great plans and for the next two years we would like to introduce you to more fabulous Scandi brands for the young ones.

Looks like another sunny day ahead! Why not swing by Lilla and check out our Rice brand, perfect designs for the garden party :)

Charlotte x




Not Just A Pretty Face…

Hey blog fans – Glad Påsk! Hope you are all enjoying this rather bracing (ok, freezing!) Easter break. I have already blogged about one of our favourite brands RICE but I just wanted to add a little to it as I think the amazing charity work they do deserves to be shouted about.

Every year RICE takes an active part in developing projects and relief work all over the world. They do this because they strongly believe in the saying: No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. I think this is a very good motto to live by – I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling totally overwhelmed sometimes by what’s going on around the world but if we can all do a little then great things can happen.

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital part of the RICE ethos. Over the years they have engaged in several projects helping people in need all across the globe and their new Hope Is BRIGHT range supports the work of UNICEF. About 844 million people are without access to a basic water service and every year UNICEF provides millions with clean water. For every Hope IS BRIGHT product sold, together they donate 1.5 EUR – these 1.5 EUR can provide 1800 L of clean water or provide 1 days ration of therapeutic food to a child in need.

In Lilla we now have boxed sets of two gorgeous lupin design cups in the popular larger size (great for drinking from but you could also use them as small vases. I love this design so much, lupins are my favourite garden flowers so I’d like to see them displayed all day in my house!)

Like all RICE products, these sets are made of hard wearing melamine and are BPA free. Now that you know the good work they do, you can enjoy the Hope IS BRIGHT products with a clean conscience!



Happy Monday!!

Lilla opening hours this week 19th – 25th March








10.00 – 14.30

10.00 – 17.00

10.00 – 14.30


10.00 – 17.00

10.00 – 17.30


Sadly this is due to poor poor Leigh breaking her ankle (snow accident…so she says ;) ), and recovering in hospital after an operation. She was also covering quite a few shifts for Kirsty who is enjoying the heat on the other side of the world at the moment. I kind of wish I could trade places with her right now!!!

Thank you all for being so amazing and understanding! Please do aim for early visits to avoid disappointment. These hours may change if I or my lovely staff can juggle our private lives a little.

Spektakulär is open as normal and the lovely ladies there has keys so they can let you in if you are on a hunt for an emergency gift. But please be patient in case they are busy. And we do love chocolate bribes and great smiles :)

Have a fabulous week, we are getting weekly deliveries at the moment which is truly making the shops sparkle!

Charlotte x