We are hiring 😁


Fabulous opportunity has arisen here at Spektakulär/Lilla! We are now looking for a cheerful, creative sales assistant to come and work with us.

This is a Maternity cover only! It will end October, however there might opportunity to stay on extra over the busy Christmas season.

Two days a week (every Monday and Friday), plus every third weekend.

Plus we are also looking for you who can be flexible to cover extra holidays and odd days here and there.

You will be working in both Spektakulär and Lilla and we would really appreciate retail and some kind customer service experience. It would not hurt if you know a bit about Scandinavian design but this is not essential…we will teach you all we know 😁

Does this sound perfect for you?!?! And if you would love to join this fabulous team then pop in to the shop with your CV and Cover Letter alternative email me at jobs@spektakular.co.uk

Charlotte x


This Week’s Offer

Hey everyone, hope you had a peaceful/fun February break – I spent the last few days visiting my mum and seeing old friends and am now exhausted but it was worth it! If I wasn’t at work today I think that I would still be in my jammies, catching up on Netflix and wishing I had one of these fabulous tablet pillows… this week we have 30% off them!


all images from bosign

Most nights I sneak off to bed with my tablet and watch a bit of something (I know kids – do as I say, not as I do…) and inevitably at some crucial moment my tablet falls forward and I miss something!

Bosign’s shapeable tablet pillow works on all surfaces, hard and soft. You can adjust it so that it always has the best possible angle, no matter what position you are in. If you watch a movie, you can put your hands behind your head and just enjoy; the screen stays at a perfect watching angle.

Of course it isn’t just for binge watching in bed, if you want to use both hands for typing, the pillow keeps your tablet in the right position without you having to hold it.

Bosign’s brilliant design can hold the tablet in either a horizontal or vertical position. It rests securely in the pillow pocket and the silicone pattern on both sides of the pillow makes it stay in place on smooth, soft and rough surfaces. When you aren’t using your tablet you can even store it safely inside the internal pocket.  The cover is durable, water-repellent and of course easy to wash (hand wash cold).

Fits all iPad models.

• Shapeable soft pillow – comfy surfing
• Two positions – vertical and horizontal
• Two inner pockets – protective sleeve and storage
• Works on all surfaces, hard and soft
• The iPad/Tablet pc rests securely on the anti-slip surface
• Washable cover

Not only do we have the tablet pillows in various colours, we also have the stylish Bosign travel pillows, again with 30% off.  This versatile version of the tablet pillow isn’t just a stable and easy to use tablet stand it’s also a great neck pillow for travelling.


Bosign are such a clever company – we love their innovative designs in Spektakulär and we are very happy that so many of you seem to agree with us! Oh, I am already looking forward to tonight’s viewing!

Ruth x



Inner Cushion Sale

To give us some room in Spektakular for exciting new spring stock, our Linum feather cushion inners are now at an amazing 50% of the original price.

We don’t have many of each size so be quick before they disappear as we won’t be getting these sizes back again (we will continue to stock our popular 50x50cm.) They are lovely luxurious inners (85% feather and 15% down) that plump up brilliantly – treat your cushion covers to one!

Here are the sizes and prices…

40x40cm                          rrp £10                             now £5

50×60                                rrp £14                            now £7

35x70cm                          rrp £15                             now £7.50

Thanks, Ruth xx




February Offers

Hey, how’s things? Crikey, it is cold out there today but very beautiful! To be fair it is always warmer outside than in my house so I am coping with it pretty well (and having lived here for 25 years am used to the less than balmy climate!)

During February we thought we would treat you all to weekly offers. Last week we had 25% off some gorgeous Pappelina rugs (follow the shops on facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss any deals!) and this week we have a new deal for you – 2 actually…

This Wednesday it is Valentine’s Day and to help you celebrate and set the mood (c’mon, it’s worth a try!) we are offering 20% off our stunning Ester and Erik candles until Sunday.  Ester and Erik are a Danish husband and wife who produce the finest hand dipped candles we have ever seen.  You will probably have seen the racks of taper candles in Spektakular – at Christmas we have so many that the frames can reach the ceiling we love them so much!

The traditional dipping technique offers great advantages over cheaper mass produced candles, which means the candles burn slowly with a steady flame and without dripping, are odourless and emit no soot.  They come in a dazzling spectrum of colours and will cheer up any table – yes we do have romantic red ones but personally I’d be cock-a-hoop if I was given the lovely teal ones…just sayin’…


Over in Lilla this week…

The magical world of Tulipop is inhabited by quirky and playful characters who appeal to all those who are young at heart. Its unique characters include Gloomy, the adventurous hyperactive mushroom girl and Fred, the furry smelly forest creature who wants to be scary but is too gentle to succeed (absolutely my favourite!) The Tulipoppers are all quite flawed but still lovable – just like us humans.  In Tulipop traditional gender stereotypes are challenged, and mutual respect for nature and each other is given high priority.

We have a whopping 40% off our eco-friendly Tulipop dinner sets featuring Gloomy, Miss Maddy, Fred and Bubble. The sets include a plate, a bowl and a cup and are made primarily of bamboo fibre which is degradable at the end of its life cycle. The sets come in a beautifully illustrated gift box, which is made of recyclable material.

Original price £25 – now £15 – while stocks last, grab one while you can!


Ruth xx



Eat Drink Boogie Repeat!

No, that’s not a description of what goes on in my house every night* – it’s the latest marketing strapline for the wonderful Rice range!

RICE is a Danish homewares and accessories company known for colorful melamine, handmade baskets, storage, and hand glazed tableware. The designs are made with a joyful spirit and with lots of details. The RICE dream is to make your everyday more colorful – whether you are washing, cleaning, baking or just relaxing in your home and was founded in 1998 by Charlotte and Philippe Guéniau.

RICE is all about fun, funkiness and functionality, but they work with their hearts as well. They make sure that they follow international standards regarding corporate social responsibility. Most of their products are made by workers in third world countries, and they make sure that all products are produced with high regards to human rights, healthy labour conditions and with no use of child labour.

It is always a happy task to unpack a Rice delivery and I did just that last week. We have always stocked a large selection of the bowls and cups and this top up of new designs was gorgeous.  The Blue Poppy range is really lovely but my absolute favourite has to be the Lupin design as these are my favourite plants (although sadly in my garden a big hit with our local snail/slug community too!)


All the melamine tableware is BPA free and food safe so perfect for all the little ones at home.

In addition to the melamine, this delivery included the most stunning raffia storage in 3 different sizes and 2 styles (colourful houses and animal themes.)  The Raffia products are all handmade and their production supports more than 300 families on the Red Island of Madagascar. Each item takes about 5 days to make due to all the raffia work, applique, embroidery and other finishing touches and no two are ever exactly the same. Just gorgeous AND useful and a great addition to any bedroom or playroom.

images.jpg download.jpg

We also stock a selection of Rice bags, bubbles, fun masks, stationery (can you have too many notebooks? I don’t think so!)  and much more…so, if you need brightening up on these dark days, come into Lilla for some everyday magic!

Ruth x


*it is actually :-)

Half Term Happiness!

Now, I’m pretty sure Christmas was only about 2 weeks ago so how it is almost time for February break is beyond me! Anyone else feel like they have just sleep walked through January and aren’t quite ready for this?  My girls are teens now so their week will undoubtedly be spent aimlessly hanging out in town or glued to Netflix – yup, top parenting right there folks!

For those of you with younger kids who still like to play and have interests beyond snapchat – Lilla is the place to go for fun holiday ideas that will keep them happy for hours.

Plus Plus is a fabulous building toy that is very addictive! Made in Denmark, these brilliant blocks are of the quality you would expect from the land of Lego and are increasingly popular with parents looking for a fun and absorbing activity for their kids.  In 2 sizes (age 1-6 and age 5+) the simplistic shape allows for endless possibilities, limited only by imagination. We stock starter sets and kits in various sizes – the kits have useful instructions for specific projects but the bricks can of course be used to build absolutely anything! They are slightly softer than Lego when you stand on them too…good to know.

91Sn3bcu9kL._AC_UL130_.jpg             712aUGEEVBL._AC_UL320_SR256,320_.jpg

Next we have the My Little Kingdom series.  Each box contains a board book, a jigsaw puzzle, wooden figures and cardboard elements – all you need to turn the contents into a fabulous playset.  Read the book, transform the box into a prop, use the finished jigsaw as a playmat and send the figures off on an adventure! Fairies, pirates, princesses,  knights and a zoo – which would you choose?


Anyone of you who have read the blog before will know how much we love Omm Design products as it means we can fill the shop with our artist hero Ingela P Arrhenius. Ingela is a Sweden based artist and her illustrations are joyful, naive and  retro in style – we can’t get enough of them. We stock plates, posters and cards by her but also puzzles – perfect for filling some holiday time and supplied in handy metal tins.

Animal Lotto is her version of the traditional card matching game for 2-4 players – easy to play and suitable for ages 3+.  We had a very similar game when the girls were younger and we played it ALL THE TIME!! To be honest it never got boring but I wish it had been one of these as the artwork is so cute.

We also stock the Animal 1234 Puzzle Game – throw the dice, take the matching numbered piece and race to finish your animal before anyone else! Again suitable for ages 3+, entertaining enough to play over and over again and small enough to take anywhere. I’ll fight you for the fox every time!

IMG_2142_s.jpg  animalpuzzle2-150x150.jpg

All of us at Lilla hope you have a lovely week whatever you are doing.  If you run out of ideas we also stock giant gold glitter balls – you can always turn your living room into a disco and dance off all that energy!

Play nicely now…

Ruth x

That’s Me!

Hello you lovely lot, Ruth here! A big thank you to Charlotte for trusting me with the shop blog (bit wreckless if you ask me!) My plan is to share with you all our fantastic designs, bring you hot off the press shop news, keep you up to date with offers, competitions, general gossip and much more.

Quick introduction – as Charlotte mentioned, when not working in the shops I make pictures for people using paper and super sharp scalpels –  brilliant fun! I am a mum to 2 teenage girls who are ridiculously ace/terrifying/baffling in equal measures, have a mini Schnauzer called Boo who is probably my favourite member of the fam and am wife to Mr W who wisely spends all his time down the allotment because he is totally outnumbered at home…

I love working in both Spektakular and Lilla and am very proud to be part of such a great team.  The simple, functional and beautiful Scandinavian designs have totally taken over my home as well as my heart and it is wonderful to know that you our customers share our love – this blog will be a great chance for me to deepen my knowledge and share my enthusiasm.

I hope you will enjoy my time as guest writer, feel free to comment, ask questions and generally hang out with me if you have a minute, I’m really looking forward to spending some time with you all.

Ruth x