Charlotte’s Walk All Over Cancer 2020

Save the date!!! Saturday 28th March, bake sale and raffle at Spektakulär for Cancer Research!

Like last year I have signed up for the 10000 steps a day challenge in March! Now this should be simple, I mean it should not be difficult to walk 10000 steps a day. Our lives surely should not be so stressful that we use the car everywhere! Hmm but it is actually not the easiest. Some days of course super easy, I walk to the shop…BUT it’s only about 6000 steps…well that is disappointing (of course I have to walk both ways)! Walk the kids to school, around 2000 steps. And so on, but to get those steps in I need to actually walk further and more often. Which is hard for someone who loves her sofa, and netflix, and wine, and everything but exercise!
I have my waterproofs, I got comfy walking shoes and I have sorted the library app so I can listen to audiobooks and of course positive podcasts!

So what did I learn from last year, firstly we never put petrol in the car, win win for both our budget and the environment. Second, I felt much better about myself and walked faster after a month of everyday walking plus the amount of friends I caught up with (am very grateful for those who met up with me at dark nights or joined me while I was walking to work, those steps were the easiest). Third I found lots and lots of wonderful new routes and discovered a Edinburgh that has been my home for more than 10 years.

Finally I did find out that I am absolutely rubbish at fundraising!!! So I need your help! Please sponsor me here on my fundraising page and join me while I am out walking over at our Instagram @spektakularltd

A wonderful customer gave me lots of advice so yes of course we will have our bake sale again and I believe we shall have a raffia as well! This weekend I shall set it all up, it is time to advertise my daily walks (turns out my marketing skills is not as up to scratch as they should be), and it is time for me to start walking! So why on earth am I doing this??? Well of course I am doing this for all of you who suffers from cancer. We all have someone we care about and love that has sadly been affected and cancer is as we know truly evil and I am so grateful to all the research and the hard work that goes on in trying to help everyone who are affected. Walking 10000 steps is actually nothing compare to those wonderful heros who daily helps people with cancer.

Charlotte x

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Hello lovely ones, Ruth here again. Many of you will know that our fabulous Charlotte has been walking 10,000 steps a day throughout March to raise money for Cancer Research #walkallovercancer. I have been keeping an eye on her progress (from the comfort of my sofa, toast in hand) and not only has she been hitting her steps target, on a couple of days she has done over 20,000 and many more around the 15,000 mark! Amazing woman!

She has discovered many beautiful walks in and around our city and I know she has really enjoyed being joined by friends along the way, all in support of such a great cause.

Cancer affects so many of us. My mum has had breast cancer twice, my unbelievably awesome friend beat it in a mindblowingly dramatic fashion and other friends have thankfully had it diagnosed early through our brilliant NHS. Cancer Research do amazing work and without the funds raised by people such as Charlotte, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest.

We have been so touched that our customers and local businesses have sponsored Charlotte on her epic journey over the last month and as one final fundraising push we are holding a bake sale this coming Saturday (March 30th) in Spektakulär where you can come in, eat cake, donate (honestly, every tiny amount counts) and hear about Charlotte’s daily ramblings. Walking that is, not her usual ramblings.

It starts at 10am and will finish when the cake is gone and if you have ever experienced Charlotte’s baking then you know you are in for a treat – it is fantastic! She hilariously suggested this morning that I bake too. Don’t worry, I like you all too much for that…

See you Saturday xx